Tangra Framework for PHP Manual

Ognyan Bankov
Published: 2011-04-04
Revision History
Revision 2.0.02011-04-04
This version of the manual is in sync with AIO build 2011-04-04 2.3.1

Table of Contents

What is Tangra?
Issues addressed by the Tangra Framework
About this manual
I. Getting started
1. Installation and configuration
2. Initial configuration of Tangra Control Center (TCC)
3. Creating and installing new application / site
4. Hello world application
II. Basics
5. How it works
6. Directory structure of Tangra based site / application
7. Site "flavours"
8. Boot process
9. Creating new page
10. Page views
11. DBC classes
12. Forms
13. Grids
14. Common code snippets
III. Advanced usage
15. Forms: Advanced Usage
16. Grids: Advanced Usage
Used terminology (in Tangra framework context)
A. Recommended software stacks
Server side
Workstation (client) site
B. Miscellaneous
DSNs in TF context
C. Frequently Asked Questions